String from Markin Eugeny – thanks. And in passing looks suspiciously like a rectangle with rounded corners String from Josh Cheshire – thanks. Then we got an email from Marc Gray who suggested that we use a simple regular expression and was even kind enough to supply it. String from Ray Hindson – thanks. Research in Motion is now dead, long live Blackberry. A Nokia – jeez this one’s got a camera, camcorder, music player, buetooth thingy and you can stream video and audio from the web

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Finalized the complete driver scan routine inside of 10 minutes. String from Edward Lenssen and Stan Levine – thanks. String from Pradip Chatterjee – thanks.

We thought that Mosaic was the original browser. String from Aaron Williams – thanks. Vx700 they should have contacted the V cast mobile phone vx9700 folks when they were thinking about a name – those guys would have come up with a couple of hundred or so in the first five minutes and then changed it three times before release – but seriously, Wii, give us a break – sounds like a small Scottish thingy with a Japanese accent.

MEDION HDDrive2GO – download driver

This one transfers data at up to K, has a camera 1. LG Aristo MS on android 7 nougat with stock browser.

Palm Web Pro 3. String from Harald Hope – thanks. Just think about tabbed browsing on that. String from Boris Bogdanov – thanks.

We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before. String from Hayde Lande – thanks. UA string for iTunes version – you guessed it – 9. And if you have any better ideas remember – keep ’em to yourself just joking. HP Touchpad with the now defunct WebOS well this week anyway but who knows they may change their mind – again. And FF was mobille dying on the v9700.

String from Johathan McCormack – thanks. Manual Configuration v cast mobile phone vx9700 Automatic Update. String from Markin Eugeny – thanks.

MEDION HDDrive2GO – download driver [FOUND ]

String from Ron Silva – thanks. String from David Freitas – thanks. String from Sam McCommons – thanks. A real cuckoo like browser with aspirations to dominating the world.

So how come we know this is a N? String from anon – thanks.

String from Mehdi Poormohamad hpone thanks. But when brands are established ego tends to take over. String from Patrick Pigott – thanks.

String from Karol Takeda – thanks.

USB NetVista Full Width Keyboard – device drivers [FOUND ]

Company boasts that v cast mobile phone vx9700 built with privacy paramaount. String from Nestor Custodio v cast mobile phone vx9700 thanks. SHiC seems to be the device name. HTC Desire, Android 2. LG P Optimus Me.

So there you go. String from Trotter Hardy – thanks. String from R Au well perhaps you know who you are – thanks. String from Marc Spinntihr – thanks. String from Petra Seitz – thanks. Our new article section – czst out all you need to know with these easy to understand and helpful articles Partial list of VendorID values used by various Blackberry models.

NetFront browser on Ki. Nokia Lumia with WP 7. String from Simon Ratner – thanks. String from Chris C – thanks.