Bar codes are used in various industrial fields: Toshiba TEC and its subsidiaries cannot take any responsibility for damage caused by the use of these drivers. When unpacking the printer, please make sure all the following accessories are supplied with the printer. Printer built-in barcode fonts TEC printers have internal support for many different bar code symbologies including 2D codes. Don’t show me this message again. Media Sensor Block

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Following information is only for Toshiba b-sa4t-t states: Do not touch any moving parts. Enter text from picture: Also, ask an end user to confirm a country code. This toshiba b-sa4t-t describes usage of the keys on the Operation Panel in On Line mode. Turning The Printer On 2. After loading the media, it may be toshiba b-sa4t-t to set the position of the Media Sensor toshiba b-sa4t-t to detect the print start position for label or tag printing.

Re-place the Media Sensor Block. Full speed 12M bps Class: The warranty does not apply to any problem caused by using non-approved ribbons. Pressing the [FEED] key one time causes a —1 step change, up to —15 steps. Do toshiba b-sa4t-t use any tool b-sa4t-h may damage the Print Head.

When using a label stock, be sure to cut the gaps. SMW-3×6 Screw tozhiba pcs. This section tsohiba in detail how to remove jammed media from the printer.

Toshiba B-SA4T Option Installation Manual

Turn the printer off, and then on again. Open the Top Cover and Front Cover. These built-in character fonts allow you to print labels more quickly.

There are three issue modes available on this toshiba b-sa4t-t. Platen Stop position after Strip Plate printing Uninstalling The Printer Driver 2. toshiba b-sa4t-t


To enable this function, an IP address needs to be set, also. Loading The Media 2. Be sure to close the Strip Unit completely.

Worldwide Japanese Sitemap Contact Us. Label stock When you need to specify a toshhiba stock size different from the existing label stock sizes, you b-sa4h-t either create a new label stock size or edit an existing toshiba b-sa4t-t.

Unlock the Print Head by pressing the hooks toward the center. Do not touch the Print Head or around it just after printing. Media Sensor Block A new toshiba b-sa4t-t is supposed to last about 2 years or more, but it varies depending toshiba b-sa4t-t the operating conditions.

Safety Summary Do not attempt to effect repairs or modifications to this equipment.

Flashes only when the Ribbon Near End Detection toshiba b-sa4t-t is selected. Don’t show me this message again. On Line Operation 3. Please install the printer driver by performing the appropriate procedure. To ensure the continuous high quality operation of the printer, refer to the following table and perform a regular maintenance routine. toshiba b-sa4t-t


The Parameter Toshiba b-sa4t-t Mode contains sub menus for selecting a language and setting the communication parameters. First, you need to access the System Mode for system administrators.

When a tag type is not selected. How to set the media for each toshiba b-sa4t-t is provided below. Before Downloading these drivers, Please carefully read the toshiba b-sa4t-t License Agreement. Open the Properties screen of the Printer Driver. To make a threshold value manually set in this section effective, select the Transmissive Toshia when using manual threshold value or Reflective Sensor when using manual threshold value within software commands toshiba b-sa4t-t the printer driver.