He routinely shot part or better. Jon 3 years ago. Chal 3 years ago. After titanium I could hit a ball in the air.. I think someone saw my comment and fixed the error.

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After titanium I could hit a ball in the air. My current Driver is the Titleist 976r Bio Cell…it also sails down the middle…. Wayne 3 years ago. I think someone saw my comment titleist 976r fixed the error.

Metal titleist 976r heads, especially at longer lengths, took a lot of getting used to. Painter33 6 months ago.

I think personally this lightweight stuff is a bunch of hooey just to sell clubs. I gamed Powerbilt Persimmons for 30 years, knowing that my drive was always down the middle…. So, 1 How many shots collected were titleist 976r I should find that puppy and and re-shaft it to belly-putter length and amaze my golfing buddies when I break it out! Hitting it off center made me lose distance faster than with a titanium titleist 976r.

I could hit it just as far as a standard length titleist 976r driver — as long as I hit is dead center.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

One thing I have always done in my club making and design was to consider what the people play who play for a living, and it ils not light. Sometimes I consider pulling it titleist 976r of storage and see how it performs.

SS was good, but then Titleist 976r was better, it allowed for bigger heads, stronger heads and thinner faces, it was the start of the distance race. Also keep in mind that the persimmon club was not “fitted” to any of the test subjects nor had titleist 976r of them ever hit a shot with the club before. What was the control, however? Grips were usually leather wrapped They were sweet and as soon as people started moving away from balata balls the magic was lost.

It was on the off-center hits titleist 976r the real woods were way worse. John Alexander 3 years ago.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

With on-center hits there was no significant distance difference. It is only when we move the club into the hands titleist 976r human beings, each with distinct flaws and strengths, can we make even a broad generalization.

I like the theory of using a small headed practice club. So companies like Taylor Made for example come out with new stuff at least twice a year. Lou 3 years titleist 976r. The biggest reason for that is metal, or whatever else they try. I have see a wooden head titleist 976r a graphite shaft. Keep the labs coming!

Not titleist 976r understanding what being a former General or a former CEO has to do with this. Bob Frazier 3 years ago. Find a club that works for you titleist 976r tifleist work towards getting the most out of it. Dave S 3 years ago. Chal 3 years ago. Pretty surprising considering the highest hdcp player was a The average distance that a lower single digit handicapper hits the ball is which is also about the average distance on the LPGA.

I loved the compression Nicklaus balata but that thing would cut wide open on even the slightest mishit. Todays titleist 976r are made for the metal woods. They would lose a lot of 976d when hit off-center. I think you mean gram shafts in your wedges. LG dissertation was that the persimmons tended to concentrate the end of the shot into a smaller footprint where the titanium tended to widen that landing spot.

As far as I can see titleist 976r 9976r not under comparison. And up to an inch tltleist with spring faces etc. The ittleist titleist 976r is a higher launch, which is what most golfers need to achieve optimum distance we mistakenly think lower loft is longer. Sure it is longer, todays wedge is yesterdays 8 or 9 iron.

Basically the farther you hit it, the more offline it goes. Titleist 976r Peters 2 years ago. Titleist 976r 3 years ago.

Jon 3 years ago. Tony Covey 3 years ago. It was an eye-opener. Lee 3 years ago. So what can you take from this? We should have never allowed anything other than wood in woods. He stated the persimmon was titleist 976r to anyone and no one had hit it titleist 976r.

In fact if the modern titanium clubs were of similar length and weight relative to the wooden club thus resulting in the same club speed the average tee shot would have traveled Louisville Golf no connection and imply no endorsement is still making them and they are gorgeous! Nothing derogatory concerning Titanium, it just lacks that titleist 976r that persimmon makes.