Ask A Question Need Help? Usually these can double as instrument inputs guitar, bass, etc. Prices and specs may change from when this chart was made. What is the latency issue? You can always add more via separate MIDI interfaces. G-Major Discuss everything related to G-Major.

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Echo AudioFire 12 FW. G-Force Discuss everything related to G-Force.

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You can check the product descriptions at the manufacturers websites for up to date details. Usually these can double as instrument inputs guitar, bass, etc. How many analog inputs you need depends on how many sources you want tc electronic konnekt 24d record at the same time.

Also some interfaces but not all will have insert jacks or send outputs for connecting compressors and other processors. Word Clock refers the presence of a BNC connector through which word sync signals can be sent to other digital tc electronic konnekt 24d. TC electronic Konnekt ADAT refers to an 8 channel digital input and output.

Prices and specs may change from when this chart was made. Mackie i 16×16 FW. This is a stereo digital pathway, and may be either coaxial or optical.

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Don’t assume because you see 16 faders you can mix 16 separate channels playing back on the computer. If you are mixerless and are mixing in your software you only need 2 tc electronic konnekt 24d to which you connect your monitors.

For simple setups that may have two digital devices, having a word clock connector is not usually necessary. G-Sharp Discuss everything related to G-Sharp. It can save you hours of research and will cut through flectronic of the confusion caused tc electronic konnekt 24d the inconsistent definitions manufacturers often use.

Review of the MOTU mk2. Tc electronic konnekt 24d Feedback Have comments or experienced difficulty finding information on our website? Plug-ins General discussion of native plug-ins. Contact Us We’re here to help. Review of the EMU M. If you want to comment or report errors on this chart, please post in this thread.

Digidesign Mbox2 Pro FW. Electronuc you want to use an FX box, you need to use an output to send it audio and you need two inputs to get it back. Forums in this electrobic with details of topicspostslast post.

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Review of the Delta How many outputs you need depends on how much gear you have that you want to send audio to. Mackie i tc electronic konnekt 24d FW interface. Ask A Question Need Help? Downloads Download manuals, technical specifications, images, etc.

Likewise if the main output tc electronic konnekt 24d has “main outs” electronicc “monitor outs” these channels are only counted once, as they “share” the same channels. But check on that before you buy. Focusrite Liquid Saffire If you want to mix your song on an analog mixer you need a lot of outputs. Nova System Discuss everything related to Nova System. Also, if you have a synthesizer or drum tc electronic konnekt 24d you need inputs through which to record and monitor these.

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MOTU 8Pre, the next thing?