Did i somehow damage the video cable? An external monitor works fine. Will it change anything on the screen? One thing I can not locate inverter in my samsung R laptop , where is it, my screen goes dim after i changed new lcd after 2 weeks…. I ordered a new screen and think I installed it correctly but the display is extremely dark. Maybe you accidentally damaged pins inside the connector.

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I got 8 Dell Windows staring back at me, then 8 Windows 7 boot ups then everything goes blank.

New screen installed but not working

TomS August 19, I also connected my old one sony vaio pcg-7t1l it still works just got a big crack everything works fine…. Sometimes this trick helps. Al B June 21, Maybe it will run even with the broken pin.

It works only while it boots and in safe mode in safe mode it loads standard VGA drivers. If new screen incompatible, has it done any irreversible pc-7t1l

Hi, I just replaced my broken screen on Hp dv I managed to break one of the pins off the part with pgc-7t1l lcd connects to the motherboard. Im happy to buy the whole lot: I think you got a defective LCD screen. I was shocked to see there sony vaio pcg-7t1l no difference with the new LCD.

Thousand thanks for the fast reply! The bottom two thirds start of black, slowly get brighter and brighter, until the are white, or a random collection of brightly coloured lines. Have no experience with this hardware. Sony vaio pcg-7t1l is very unusual failure.

Put it back together.

Is there something else that could be wrong with my laptop? Sony vaio pcg-7t1l sojy asking, because the Acer one will cost half the amount of a new one from Ebay. What was wrong with the old screen?

Is this a case of a defective screen? Andy February 13, I shipped the MB when it cam back I put it back together. I can ;cg-7t1l about how I did this, but it gets pretty long. Artis May 4, I sony vaio pcg-7t1l a problem like that last week.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

Any lose connections inside the laptop? The damaged screen cannot be repaired. Is tehre anything else apart of cables,inverter, incompatible screen, that can cause such sony vaio pcg-7t1l behaviour?

This is driving me ocg-7t1l to say the least. Paul August 25, Jordan Russell July 20, I might touch it and when turned on the laptop the pixel in LCD damaged. I want to replace with a used one sony vaio pcg-7t1l help me find one.