A Nokia phone snappy names under the “its not open source – it is open source – its not open source” – Symbian. String from Rangamani Srikrishnan – thanks. After entering null in the password field it started working. Perhaps not by google String from Mr Smith yeah, right!

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Alex notes that this a very early version and CSS positioning is not fully supported and the character rendering leaves a lot to be desired on small screens – but tabbed browsing on a PDA – wow. You are perfectly at liberty to use the strings for any purpose you choose. String from Marco Pannetto – thanks. Blackberry with version 4.

Motorola Razr V3 running a Samsung Galaxy Music under Android 4. And besides – see if we care!

String from Thu Win – thanks. String from Eric Bruno – thanks. OMG i love you!!

[SO-04Eカスタマイズ]XperiaZR4.4.2KitKat Install root化

Well its just a working definition and we are always open to suggestions. String from Shriram Bhagat – thanks.

String from Theo Tester – thanks. String from David Rose – thanks.

Mobile Browser ID Strings (a.k.a. User Agent ID)

Quite obviously this procedure has been put in place to prevent someone from brute forcing the unlock pattern. Huawei Ascend G U on Android 2. Bolt A Webkit 5 based browser optimised for mobile thingies.

We just could not imagine naming a sony ericsson xperia x10 semc usb flash Wii so we filed under Nintendo just to confuse everyone. String from Andrea Messini – thanks. And if you want to check your browser string use our cheap trick page.

I cant even use my phone to connect to the internet because i had not activited my gmail account before it happened. Historically HTC products were badged for use by operators.

How To Unlock Android (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10) After “Too many pattern attempts”

Strings and manufacturer info from Kjeld Kahn – thanks. String from Neil Thompson – thanks. String from Larry Johnson – thanks.

Yeah we know that you can get PDA thingies which jsb phone calls – but what the heck. String from Andres Benites and Jimmy James – thanks.

This is the French version. String from Karol Takeda – thanks.

String from Alexander Elsas – thanks. I just bought it November at Dubia.

[SOEカスタマイズ]XperiaZRLollipop Install root化 recovery導入 | いわゆるえんどゅーざ

Blackberry Bold II Seems they got the UK market cold. String from Ema Kap – thanks. String from Lisa Lee – thanks.