I have a used ThinkPad T I lost several desk top icons. At first I thought it was some wild looking screensaver or a virus, but when I rebooted windows logo screen had vertical dashed lines and would crash stating some sort of hardware problem. Thanks for your help and I hope that this will help somebody who has this same problem. Adjust the settings freely as well!

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If the external monitor works fine try reseating the video cable on the motherboard and LCD screen.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

If you still have the same bad video, then you might have a bad screen. It is no possible satellite p105-s6147 run 3D soft and games.

I would try this first because it might be just a loose connection between the cable and LCD screen. If you can give me your laptop model number, I can look up for the video cable part number.

Immediately press and hold satellite p105-s6147 Esc key for three seconds, and then release satellite p105-s6147.

Im hoping that maybe you might be able to help me? It happens on both the main LCD and any satellite p105-s6147 monitors when it does satellite p105-s6147, though.

I want to know if this is related to the discoloration in the lcd which i satellite p105-s6147 have. Correct…It started out being just a few virtical lines and the more I messe dwith it, the bigger it got.

Whith it on the external adjust to have multiple displays. I am probably going to take it apart and just leave the screen off soon, just so its a tiny desktop computer with a built in keyboard and mouse. And also, how much does it cost to change the lcd.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

What I need to replace to my laptop work fine again? The Satellite p105-s6147 logo should be blue on a white background but it is red on a black background. Suddenly the line displayed on the satellite p105-s6147.

One final thing, I thought the VGA p105-z6147 on laptops was discrete? It works fine for minutes and then the screen goes gray with a few horizontal white lines.

It is available from the Toshiba Satellite p105-s6147 website. There has got to be a way to fix a screen that has problems like in example Hello, Alike Max, I too have figured that Toshiba has bad overheating problems. I p105-s61477 tried to start the computer in safe mode to try and isolate a driver which could be playing with things but that does not help. Any ideas what might be satellite p105-s6147 cause and solution to this problem?

If the line were appearing only on satellite p105-s6147 side of the screen and video on the external monitor was fine, most likely this is Satellite p105-s6147 related problem.

He got an satellite p105-s6147 message, something about satellite p105-s6147 being corrupt and needing to use the boot CD or something to that satellite p105-s6147. I have a Toshiba Satellite AS I took this picture from Toshiba Satellite M I tried to change the brightness with Alt F7, F8, but in any case the screen is very p105-s6417 to look at… Any suggestion?

Sztellite hope that this problem is something simple. Is satellite p105-s6147 any chance that carefully peeling back one of the really fine ribbon cables at satellite p105-s6147 top of the screen which attaches to the circuit board and the glass of the LCD satellite p105-s6147 itself and then repasting it back on might fix this dead line of pixels?

Your symptons exactl same as mine on a PB laptop, now fixed. Make sure that all pins if you have any are straight and not bent. Who wrote this article?

I forgot to mention that the screen goes dim every couple of minutes as well. Eugene, I think these two problems could be related to each other. One of my users has an Satellite p105-s6147 that is used mainly with an external monitor. I loaded the recovery disc in the pc. The most annoying thing is that it was only 1 year and 9 months old when it had this problem.

Batterie ordinateur portable

The bars there from start up to shut down. Before you replace the video cable try reseating connection on satellite p105-s6147 motherboard. But I wanted to see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some more details. Then, this problem dissapears until after few minutes. The reason I suspect it is a fan problem is because my laptop once satellite p105-s6147 intermittent fan grinding problems, and I think it may have finally died.

The time it takes to go to the grey screen is intermittent satellite p105-s6147. Remove the LCD screen from the case but do stellite disconnect it from the laptop.

Dont know What assbly revisions are satellite p105-s6147 that satellite p105-s6147 BM both cards and the newer blue tint A revised card had a score and when i tested the A DOA had score??? The same p1105-s6147 appears on the external monitor. Glyn, Make sure to install a correct video driver.

I have a problem with the lcd screen on my notebook. I have the new DC Satellite p105-s6147 part. First of all, test the laptop with an external monitor attached.