It seems USB is a major problem in 64bit hosts and no one iseems interested in fixing it: This really is a pain. Windows 7 64bit ultimate host Windows XP pro 32 bit guest – Running 3. Windows 7 x64 Upgraded from Vista Virtualbox 3. The error message was as discribed above ” VirtualBox USB; Device unplugged” after the installation of a device was canceled in the host.

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In the client the device state is now shown as captured. Thanks for your assistance. I sent you a mail right before. Cancelled after 20 mins! It can philips speechmike pro 6274 hard to get log files if the lockup is too complete, but I am attaching one of the last log files from my first WinXP guest.

It never shows up in the USB menu or the Devices menu. And yes, we are working philips speechmike pro 6274 a solution. When attemted to capture an USB device it silently fails and on the secdond capture attempt fails with attached error.

This really is a pain. On the whole, so far as I’m concerned: Selecting one results in the error message:.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

I tried VBox 3. I have the same problem. Now, this would be a great work-around if I only needed to access the FAT partition on my SD cards, but I also have an ext3 partition on the 62744 that I need access to. Speedhmike doesn’t support USB3. Philips speechmike pro 6274 “fix” there seems to be reverting to 3. Here is the BSOD error, summarized:. In my case, just adding empty filters seems to work, otherwise the usb device is hanging there forever, not in my host not in speechmije guest.

I’ll upgrade, and then post again. This seems to still be an issue in the latest 4. You can’t change the priority, only we can and this is by intension. What intermediate state can it be in? On reboot Virtual box would not run intiially then ran at second request. Philips speechmike pro 6274 reverting to an outdated version of vbox is at most a temporary solution.

Mostly normal reboot of the host fails. Happy to do this – Downloading now I’ll report back tomorrow.

I have had a couple of BSOD’s but that was with usb 2. I am not sure on this step since I did not need to do this when I figured out the fix.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit host Windows xp pro philips speechmike pro 6274 guest. However, they are still in the usb devices menu, but when I try to mount them I get the well known error. If there is anything we can do to assist please leave a note. At first then still with VBox 3.

I i reboot host system completely and speecmhike again – all fine vbox driver succeess installs So for any new USB device that i want to passthrought to guest VM i must reboot host after first usb use. You can be assured philips speechmike pro 6274 we are investigating. Does that matter somehow?