Measurements of the screens luminance were taken at 35 points across the panel on a pure white background. Vertically there is a slight pink hue noticeable as you move your field of view away from a central position and at an extreme angle this turns a little yellow. The build quality is moderate, and really in keeping with LG’s other models in this kind of range. I wanted to calibrate and profile the screen to determine what was possible with optimum settings and profiling. We wanted to test the screens other gamma settings to see if there was a better setting than the default 2. The screen goes so dark that it seems to turn the backlight off completely after a couple of seconds.

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You can easily scroll left and right as well as enter a ips231p bn sub-section using the down arrow. The bezel is a thin 17mm wide along the sides and top, but a little wider at the bottom at 26mm. Default gamma was recorded at 2. Pis231p bottom of the menu shows you arrows and labels telling you what each of the operational buttons will now do.

Don’t plan on watching movies using these! Jim Martin Reviews 12 Jul, I also tested the screen with the ‘Super Energy Saving’ mode on. This gamma mode is definitely a better starting ips231p bn and should provide a better out ips213p the box performance than the default setting.

At the lowest setting the bottom of the lower bezel is approximately 43mm from the desk so you ips231p bn get a nice low height if you require. It seems that LG have lead with an advertised 5ms G2G response time to capture ip2s31p in the screen, ips231p bn in reality it behaves far more like a non-overdriven 14ms ISO rated screen.

ips231p bn Dynamic contrast ratio is available but does nothing in practice unfortunately. I have provided a comparison graph below of several screens we have tested: This would be at the sacrifice of contrast however. It’s not something you’d notice in practice to be honest, and you do have to look very closely to see it. Even thought the Ipd231p was a ips231p bn higher at 3. CIE Diagram – validates the colour space ips231p bn by the monitors backlighting with the black triangle representing ips231p bn display.

The monitor does maintain a reasonably thin profile as well which is attractive. Good ergonomic adjustments available from the stand allowing you to obtain a comfortable position for movie viewing.

Power consumption ips321p as low as we’d expect from an LED-backlit monitor of this size, but this is mainly because of the IPS panel, which draws more power than TN versions. I’ve provided a comparison above of the IPSP against some of the other screens we have tested in a similar size range.

LG Flatron IPSP review | IT PRO

Competitively priced in this sector. The first of these is the ‘picture’ menu which gives you options for standard controls like brightness and contrast. In this mode, most of the other options are greyed out anyway. Click for larger image. That might ips231p bn been a nice extra feature, especially considering this has the look and ips231p bn of an office display.

Save a copy for ips231p bn use is231p archiving Save and read our reviews offline Read our reviews on your eBook reader e. Wide viewing angles thanks to ips231p bn panel technology meaning several people could view the screen at once comfortable and from a whole host of different angles. The screen is ips231p bn missing any card readers, ambient ips231p bn sensors etc. There was some slight leakage of the backlight from the four corners, most noticeably from the bottom right hand corner.

At native resolution the ipd231p was very sharp as you can see from the top photograph. This isn’t so critical when a single user is sat in front of a monitor, but it certainly helps when others are looking on as well. Having switched to the ‘movie’ mode, the colours and gamma of the screen were altered massively, making everything seem overly vivid and saturated, and with a higher gamma than needed.

If you then return to any other image the screen comes back on and returns to the normal state within a couple of seconds again.

23inch LED液晶モニター JAN:49-89027-002593

Unlike some other screens we have ips231p bn of late, there is not option in the OSD menu to turn the ‘response time’ up or down. Jim Martin ips231p bn squinting to find out. It was good to see a full range ips231p bn height, ups231p, pivot and swivel available although they were ups231p the easiest to use sadly.

It is also free of the very noticeable contrast and colour tone shifts you see from TN Film panels vertically.

Carrying out the tests in this way does give you a good indication of ips231p bn screens dynamic contrast ratio in real life situations however. The mm of vertical adjustment makes it much easier to position the screen comfortably than a ips231p bn with no adjustment.

FLATRON IPS231P-BN [23インチ ブラック] 価格比較

Ips231p bn you scroll from one to the other, the screen is split vertically in half to show you bbn before and after view of the picture. Personally I do not find the coating on this screen to be too bad but it can of course be subjective. Click for larger versions Above: The Samsung RZ remains our champion in this test. There ips231p bn no noticeable change in the backlight intensity when changing between images of different levels of white and black, even when switching between an almost completely white, and an almost completely black image.

There are only options for ‘original’ and ‘wide’ here though so they ips231p bn fairly limited.