All mute buttons and basic checks have been done so its nothing obvious i can think of. The Wireless Adapter on your Notebook has most likely failed. Anyways not too long after I got it, it shut off one night and I could not get it to turn back on. It sounds like your notebook should be covered under this. It ppears tehy replaced the motherboard, display, and re-imaged the harddrive. How do I know if I will get mine back with Vista….

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This started about 3 months ago, hp pavilion dv6449us I chalked it up to an OS bug caused from fighting a virus, but the hardware switch on the front should not have been affected by this. I have a hp dvus. This jack is for 65 watt AC adapters. About months after buying the computer, it would not power on.

I have a dv, About 6 months ago the wireless failed, I said screw it and used ethernet. Laptop was a gift last Short of just buying hpp USB network adapter, I know nothing about how compaq is fixing this problem.

My main problem is geography — I live in Central Africa and far away from hp pavilion dv6449us HP service centre; is there any easy way I can sort this problem out? They told me they will send me a box so I would hp pavilion dv6449us them the laptop and they should fix it replace it in days. Concerend about re-intalling windows vista upgrade on my dv Pavilionn have the same problem….

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I immediately phoned HP and upon giving the customer rep. Im having problems with Compaq V that i bought in Did a hard shut down. This is a fluke. This jack is not compatible hp pavilion dv6449us IdeaPad S or S models.

HP is fixing my motherboard for free. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 5.

Keep up the good work, Yours, RR. If your looking for the version of this part for 90 watt Hp pavilion dv6449us adapters please click here for our PJ I have had five boxes from hp and trips to repair and I am working on more.

Apart from delays and frustrations with repr service, I would like to know what the root of the problem. All the basic lights turned on.

He said the expected turnaround time is days. Make sure hp pavilion dv6449us the trial version of Office installed is the same as the version you have a license for.

Motherboard should be replaced. Be sure to get a order number from them, to be sure they actually submitted the repair service.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

And although my hp pavilion dv6449us is not covered anymore, they are providing a one time free repair service. I had compueters since Paviljon never liked HP they really suck. However, if you purchased it with XP preinstalled on it, you will most likely receive it back with XP on it, and have to install Vista yourself. If you continue to have hp pavilion dv6449us with it, contact Microsoft.

Worse, they will use this as opportunity to extract more cash from their customers.

This time i was back in the middle east on holiday. After trying this a few times it started but the prob persisited.

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Yesterday, blackout then no power, continuous cycling. It has been the rude behaviour of the tele-caller from Rt Outsourcing Services Ltd; Kolkata, India who always comes out with lame excuses on being asked that when will I get the delivery of my product which has compelled me to approach in this way.

No matter what the problem is. Also, is there still hp pavilion dv6449us class action suit? In both of my situations see previous posts they did not reset the computer back to the factory settings. I pulled the memory modules hp pavilion dv6449us the laptop, popped the battery, drained the charge, popped the hard drive, etc.

It is not a problem where it is not switching back to internal speakers after connecting external speakers.

For those of you that have a warranty, by all means use the warranty. I mean I was so happy when I got this computer really sleek and neat the battery power could be be easily fixed dv649us adjusting hp pavilion dv6449us settings but I would like to know should I really take jp back for a diff brand…what would be a better brand.

Blue hp pavilion dv6449us blink for a sec and nothing. I then found that after removing the battery, my comp hp pavilion dv6449us fine on straight electric, no problems. Realizing that something was wrong with the fan, i took it back.

I was informed previous to speaking with the case manager that my model did not paviloin into the free enhancement program. Anyone else here have this happen to them?

It should only take about a week for you to get your laptop back. With the hp pavilion dv6449us out of guaranter i took it to a tech. Well, this will be my 3rd time sending mine back. Will be calling HP again when i find the time.

My HP dv would not detect the wireless card any more. It weird because I tried few times but cannot…. Pavulion a dreadful experience! Eventually, it will go to a blue screen that says A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

As it is pavilon hard to push with a finger or thumb.