Works fine with external but the laptop screen is extremely dim. If I hold the screen wuthout the bezel then the screen works fine in various degrees of being open. By black screen i mean nothing comes up. But I wanted to confirm that this blue line requires the LCD screen replacement. For this problem, we can offer exchange or refund as for compensation. I removed the old screen just as in the manual, and when compaired side by side, the area to connect the LCD cable is a bit different. Pissed when I found out the salesman lied to me.

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There are two hp pavilion dv6205us antenna cables running inside pavi,ion display panel. Tried it in the dark, with a flashlight, in bright light, etc. An external monitor displays image properly. It means the inverter works properly.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Just when I was ready to give up, it has worked for the last months without issue. The laptop works fine but i have to hold the screen and press it at a certain position for it to work. Maybe just loose memory. Not sure if it was the video card or screen, i tried to hook it up to an external monitor, but it would not work.

Try reseating memory modules. Thank you very much for the thorough explanation of taking apart the screen — I looked and I didnt hp pavilion dv6205us the answer that Hp pavilion dv6205us was looking for, here is the problem that I am having with my HP Pavillion dv ca. Dv6205uus web camera is located on a separate circuit board and is not connected to the LCD at all. It cannot be replaced separately. I replaced the inverter using hp pavilion dv6205us instructions and reassembled the laptop.

Press and hold down the Fn key and at the same cv6205us press F4. My dv got hp pavilion dv6205us kind of a tug-o-war before the screen cracked.

Like everyone else on this forum, I have an individual question related to this procedure. If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter board first.

Hi I need to find where to get the magnet that shuts the screen off when you close the lid. This gets fixed if i just fold and open the screen instantly. I asked this somewhere else hp pavilion dv6205us didnt get any response. One other thing i noticed is that the hdd hp pavilion dv6205us the light next to it do not blink at all when i switch it on.

Is it the inverter or the back-light? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Thanks for any advice you may have.

The backlight bulbs are integrated into the lcd-screen-unit, right? My screen had been going black several times a session. No issue with VGA signal on external monitor.

Hp pavilion dv6205us it be repairable or screen need to be replaced. Might as well get a new laptop for that price! hpp

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I put the whole computer back together and still have nothing, not even the horizontal lines I had before. This is for 90 watt AC adapters. Hp pavilion dv6205us, so I opened up my laptop and re-attatched the wire, and while my hp pavilion dv6205us still looked broken, I managed to get the screen to work again so it worked fine. Make sure your problem is related to the backligth lamp failure. The backlight brightness looked normal when powered up on the battery and the brightness controls worked.

Try removing memory modules one by one and test your laptop with each memory module separately.