It is important to back up the computer CMOS settings before resetting them in case they are needed later. Foxconn Modem Driver version 2. Table Solving Display Problems continued Blank screen and the power LED flashes Red five times, once every second, followed by a two second pause, and the computer beeps five times. For one device, use SATA 0. Upgrade BIOS to proper version. ISA Plug and Play bus.

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ATI Gateway Server version 6. If you install a plug and play device, Windows automatically recognizes the device and configures the computer. Replace the system board. Page 31 To download a SoftPaq that will assist you with the synchronization, hp dc5750 video controller to the following D5c750 site, select the appropriate monitor, and download either SP or SP POST Error Messages This appendix lists the error codes, error messages, and the various indicator light and audible sequences that you may encounter during Power-On Self-Test POST or computer restart, the probable source of the problem, and steps you can take to resolve the error condition.

Contacting Customer Support Contacting Customer Support For help and service, contact an authorized reseller or dealer. E Windows XP Drivers. Intel On-board Video Drivers. Computer powered off automatically and the Power LED flashes Red two times, once every hp dc5750 video controller, followed by a contdoller second pause, and the computer beeps two times. Refer to the number listed in the warranty or in the Support Telephone Numbers guide on the Documentation and Diagnostics CD for technical assistance.

HP Compaq dc5750 MT Troubleshooting Manual

Back up is easily done through Computer Setup. AMD chipset program driver V8. Don’t show me this message again. ATI Radeon video driver for Windows 7. The Shut Down Windows dialog box is hp dc5750 video controller. To avoid damage to the DIMMs or the system board, you must unplug the computer power Already know all about QuickSpecs? Select the appropriate language contdoller click Continue.

Check cabling and network equipment for proper connection. Verify proper memory module type. After testing has completed, the Cancel Testing button is replaced with a Retest button. Reset the date and time under Control Panel Computer Contriller can also be used. Search for QuickSpecs online by selecting the region of interest.

Graphics card is bad. Sapphiretech ATI Catalyst 8. Table Solving General Problems continued Cursor will not move hp dc5750 video controller the arrow keys on the keypad.

ATI Chipset Driver version 8. Dell Inspiron Graphic Driver.

HP dc5700 – Microtower PC Troubleshooting Manual

This resets the soft settings that include boot sequence order and other factory settings. Table Solving Mouse Problems Mouse does not respond to movement or is too slow. Make sure the memory module s are installed properly. Solving Drive Key Problems If you encounter Drive Key problems, common causes and solutions are listed in the following table. hp dc5750 video controller


Decoder hp dc5750 video controller is not installed. Solving Audio Problems Solving Audio Problems If the computer has audio features and you encounter audio problems, see the common causes and solutions listed in the following table. Cause Network server mode is enabled in Computer Setup.

Solving Printer Problems If you encounter printer problems, see the documentation that came with the printer and hp dc5750 video controller the common causes and solutions listed in the controler table. Cause Solution Processor is hot. If FAT32 formatting, the hard drive cannot be accessed. Solving Processor Problems Solving Processor Problems If you encounter processor problems, common causes and solutions are listed in the following table.

You may need to reconfigure the computer when you add or remove hardware, such as an additional diskette drive.

QuickSpecs Overview

For example, to format a 1. Table Vidoe Printer Problems Printer will not print. The correct printer drivers for the application are not installed. In the Device Manager area, click the Device Manager button.

Cause Solution Monitor is not turned on and the monitor light is not on. Cause Solution Headphones or devices connected to the line-out connector Turn on and use headphones or external speakers, if mute the internal speaker.

Table Solving Diskette Problems continued Cannot format diskette. Cause Solution No active network is detected. Resetting the Password Jumper To disable the power-on or setup password features, or to clear the power-on or setup passwords, complete the following steps: