Cables are very sensitive. Install the serial connector into the new backwall using the two screws that were removed from the serial connector in a previous step. Front Drive Bezels 1. Then press in on the upper tab on the left side of the bezel so that it releases from the chassis. Go to the following Web site, select your region, and click the Technical support after you buy link under the Call HP heading to obtain the support center telephone number for your region. Remove the front bezel 6.

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Go to the following Web site, select your region, and click the Technical support after you buy link under the Call HP heading to obtain the support center telephone number for your region.

Static electricity can damage the electronic components of the computer or optional cards. Service Reference Guide, dx Cause Solution Insert the hp compaq dc7700 pci simple communications controller battery and position the clip back in place. Using Computer Setup f10 Utilities 2. Remove the fan shroud from the chassis 5. Support for security features may vary depending on your specific hp compaq dc7700 pci simple communications controller configuration. This appendix contains the pin assignments for many computer and workstation connectors.

The battery holder automatically secures the battery in the proper position. Preparation For Disassembly Removal and Replacement Procedures— Adherence to the procedures and precautions described in this chapter is essential for proper service.

Item The system will automatically operate in single channel mode, dual channel mode, or flex mode, depending on how the DIMMs are installed.

If the system is equiped with an embedded security device, refer to the HP ProtectTools Security www. Printed circuit cards like these are not designed to take excessive pressure on them.

On the rear of the computer, a sliding slot cover lock secures the expansion card brackets and expansion slot covers in place. Sound does not come out of the speaker or headphones. Page Batteries, battery packs, and accumulators should not be disposed of together with the general household waste.

Screws, Cables And Connectors, Hard Drives If an incorrect screw is used during the reassembly process, it can damage the unit.

Madera County, California – Wood County, Ohio

After installing a new processor onto the system board, always update the system ROM to ensure that the latest version of the BIOS is being used on the computer. Turn the power on to restart the computer. Lift the battery out of its holder. Rotate the power supply to its full upright position 1, then lift the power supply straight up and out of the chassis 2.

HP Compaq dx7300 MT Reference Manual

Remove the fan shroud 4. Rotate the drive cage to its full upright position. Page SoftPaq that will assist you with the synchronization, go to the ccommunications Web site, select the appropriate monitor, and download either SP or SP Front Drive Bezels 1. Establish and manage energy-saving timeouts.

POST execution of the 2.

Madera County, California – Wood County, Ohio

Press the green drive retainer latch and slide the drive forward and lift it from the drive cage. The power supplies on some computers have external power switches.

Replace the graphics card. Voltage is always present on cokpaq system board when the computer is plugged into an active AC outlet. You will need a Torx T screwdriver to remove and re-install the guide screws.

D—18 Cause Solution External speakers See the sound card documentation plugged into the wrong for proper speaker connection. Insert the cable lock in the location shown below.

Do not place the keyboard, with the keyboard feet down, directly against the front of the desktop unit as this also restricts airflow. Onboard Devices Windows utilities.


Disconnect the power cable that hp compaq dc7700 pci simple communications controller the chassis fan to the commnuications board 1. HP has made the comumnications of locating, accessing, evaluating, and installing the latest support software easier.

Page Cable Management The Small Form Factor chassis is a very compact computer and proper routing of the internal cables is critical to the operation of the computer. Page Index Storage menu 2—5 configuration settings, recovering 2—14 configuring power button 3—15 connections SFF system board 6—10 7—12 connector pin assignments A—1 Convertible Minitower See CMT country-specific power cord set requirements B—2 cover lock, smart 3—24 date and time display problems D—2 DDR2 memory F—1 deleting password 3—21 delimiter characters, table 3—