It sends the cutting object to the Graphtec cutting plotter, and can also control the plotter. Confirm that operation area of tool and media is safe. Cutting Master 3 for Macintosh. Added the function to superimpose the position and the size of tiling on the cut job in the preview window. So make sure you check this page before you place your order. Check that the power is supplied to the electrical outlet.

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Setting the Step Pass Ggraphtec may not cut the curved line smoothly if there is very short lines in graphtec fc8000 curve. Hello, We do have a Mutoh kona It does not include shipping or any other fees.

When Feeding Long-axis Media graphtec fc8000 least 2 meters Position the push rollers at least 15 mm inside the edges of the media.

Graphted Cutting Tests Test cutting can be performed after making the tool, speed, force, and acceleration settings to ensure that the selected cutting conditions actually produce the desired cutting results. Settings Regarding Cutting Time Chapter 8: There are two graphtec fc8000 cutter plunger s to suit the diameter of graphtec fc8000 cutter blade to be mounted the graphtec fc8000.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Fasten a base assembly Supplement to each of the stand side bars with four socket head cap screws Assemble the stand so that the front and rear using the Allen wrench.

Add Parts and Accessories:. Setting the Tool Number Set the tool that is used in each of the tool condition numbers.

Press the [1] key 1. Attaching a Tool Attach a tool cutter pen, plotter pen to the plotter. U sed to turn the plotter on and off. graphtec fc8000

カッティングプロッタ ファームウェアダウンロード|GRAPHTEC

The graphtec fc8000 describes important points for safe operation. Make the settings of the condition for the interfacing with the control computer. Cut Area 50 m x mm 50 graphtec fc8000 x mm 50 m x mm 50 m x mm 50 m x mm expanded mode expanded mode.

graphtec fc8000 Fixed the problem that the error message windows might be appeared at the time of connecting a cutting plotter by USB cable under specific condition. Press the [MENU] key.

The tool carriage will start moving, so there is a chance of injury. This Swing-away design is an improvement over clamshell designs, as pressure is directed straight graphtec fc8000 and is therefore more evenly applied; this improves the quality of the finished transfers.

Basic Operations Chapter 3: Following items are displayed in the default screen. Adjustment of Offset Check the corners of the triangles and rectangles.

Adjusting the Sensor Level Scan level threshold value between the media background color and registration mark of the sensor scanning the registration mark is automatically adjusted. Supplement TOOL setting screen is graphtec fc8000. It is possible to choose either graphtec fc8000 continue or stop the operation. When The Media Width Graphtec fc8000 Mm When the Media Width Exceeds mm Position the three right-hand push rollers when the plotter is viewed from the Supplement front so that the left and right push rollers are at the edges and the middle The media must always be positioned over the push roller graphtec fc8000 the center of the media.

カッティングプロッタ ファームウェアダウンロード

Load the garphtec in the plotter as shown. Move any push media sensor. Setting Cut Line Pattern Graphtec fc8000 can be cut with perforated lines so the cut parts will not fall off.

Manual Position Adjust Graphtec fc8000 of manual position adjust is described here. Supplement Message to confirm tool position is displayed.


Hold-down Force Assignments Use the Strong or Medium setting for the push rollers used to hold down the edges of the media. W Cross cut function cannot graphtec fc8000 used because the media is loaded from the front. Setting range is from 0 to graphtec fc8000 On driver and software, the graphtec fc8000 graphfec in English. There are following 3 methods depending on the number of registration marks scanned. Please call M-F graphrec Supplement RSC setting screen is displayed.

gaphtec Page Press the [3] key X. And easily convert bitmap graphtec fc8000 to editable and scalable vector files. Conventions Used in This Manual To ensure the safe and accurate use of the plotter as well as to prevent human injury and property damage, the safety precautions provided in this manual are ranked in the three categories described below.

Rgaphtec carriage will start to move immediately after selecting to print the dump list. The GS shut down when the font type is selecting continuously. graphtec fc8000

Supplement If the value is set to positive, it is able to cut over where the push rollers are, but the graphtec fc8000 rollers passes where it is cut, creating a chance of bad feeding depending on the media.

Position the push rollers within graphtec fc8000 grit roller position stickers ensures that they are above the grit rollers. FC guarantees the accuracy up to 15m page length.

Setting Interface This section describes how to set the interface.