I thought maybe the screen was defective and tried to test the old one but now that screen is really dark too… What could I have done and is it fixable?? So am I getting faulty screens, incompatible screens, or is there something else wrong. Maybe you accidentally damaged pins inside the connector? Hi, I have a problem with my replaced LCD: Take it apart, connections solid. Standard pin both have the standard 30 pin connection so im guessing it can be done can some one comfirm this? The top third works perfectly.

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Device Driver: Download Gateway Drivers

Do you have a lid close switch somewhere on the laptop? November 16, at Jeff December 28, Hey, i have a dell dimensionwhat drivers would i gateway ma7 xp for the Sata hard drive drivers?

I just replaced the X; for my dellI can see that it works, but the computer keeps booting and rebooting in a loop. Hi all, I want to ask a question.

April 11, at Remon September 24, Ika-6 na Utos says: Is it very chip on craigslist? Could you please help me, I have a Gateway MA7 with a raw drive. gateway ma7 xp

I finally got around to replacing the screen. I just saw a blue screen, then it went to black. Many websites provide device drivers for download, but the drivers may be out-of-date, incompatible with your system, or gateway ma7 xp critical files. Gateway ma7 xp 4, at Make sure the CPU is seated correctly and the socket is locked. April 7, at I guess you damaged one of these connections.

TomS August 19, Are you sure that the laptop screen is completely blank? I have some problems as well: You can see a very faint image but there is no backlight. Also went from Vista to Xp 2 yrs ago, if that matters. Bart February 5, Then, similarly install the XP os?

I put it down, gateway ma7 xp it up, gateway ma7 xp.

gaateway April 26, at Take it apart, connections solid. October 17, at Hya i have just put a new screen in my packard bell laptop, but we aint sure where the earth wire conects 2 if u could help me would be brill.

Also, just in case, check connection between the gateway ma7 xp cable and motherboard.

Create Custom Windows XP CD with SATA Drivers

What connector you are talking about, the one on the screen or motherboard. The actualy driver file gateway ma7 xp be about or Kb. Have you tried using the Intel Storage Gateway ma7 xp drivers located at: I have nlite and my xp gatewqy cd but just cant find the sata driver.

Double check the compatibility between the original and new LCDs. I downloaded the file already.

Also, that is the first thing I did once I burned the iso discs, to check to see if gateway ma7 xp worked as well. Maybe you accidentally pulled the cable while replacing the screen.

Take a look inside the connector.

August 14, at How can this be fixed. December 11, at