For easier operation, specify in advance any settings other than the network settings according to the desired application. From the scan- ner driver, a preview can be displayed and various adjustments, such as the size of the scan area, can be specified. Check the document name. User authentication and account track If user authentication or account track settings have been specified on the machine, the user name or account name and the password must be entered in the Login screen in order to log on. Page – Cleaning the Media Transfer Rollers for Document Align the document with the arrow on the left side toward the rear of the machine.

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Page 81 Basic operations Place the document on the origi- nal glass or load it into the ADF.

Grab the handle of the toner car- tridge to be removed, and then pull out the cartridge. Advanced Functions Advanced functions Press [Scan to Develop ineo 363 to develop ineo 363 the initial Scan to E-mail mode screen.

Page Useful box operations Any feedback is very welcome. Registering Frequently Used Destinations Destinations can be registered in the address book or as group destinations. Holes for filing can be punched in the copies.

Immediately turn OFF the pow- er switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your authorized service representative. Reference You cannot send the data saved in a user box to a non-scanning destination G3 fax, Internet develop ineo 363, or IP address fax. A-2 Consumable Life Expectancy Chart Display the Guidance screen. From the [Device Option] list, select an option, one at a time, and then select [Installed] or [None] from the [Setting] menu.

Fan the media you removed and then align it 33. Make sure that develop ineo 363 toner car- tridge is the same color as the machine compartment, and then insert the toner cartridge into the machine.

For shortcut key The easy setting Devellop shortcut key is key is created. Any one of these sizes can be selected. Replacing Consumables Replacing Consumables Page Jobs that are being sent develop ineo 363 jobs queued to be sent are displayed in the Current Jobs list. For details, refer iineo chapter 8 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations]. Options Provides an area to develop ineo 363 place an original or other materials.

Changing the administrator password The following procedure describes how to change the administrator pass- word. Check the message that appears, and then perform the necessary steps.

Up to 20 sheets can be loaded into the tray at one time. Grab the sides of the control panel, and then devleop it up.

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Reducing Electricity Usage The limitations of the develop ineo 363 timer can temporarily be canceled so the machine can be used. In addition, recipients can be specified using a combination of the two methods. Pull down the 2 levers of a new fuser unit.

Page Load the media face up deveelop Tray 2. Turn off all power switches first.

Develop ineo+35 User Manual

Open the fuser unit cover. Level] After selecting this setting, set the develop ineo 363 tion develop ineo 363 to [Low], [Middle] or [High].

Specifying The Document Name [Details] If encryption has been enabled, detailed permis- sion settings can be specified. Page Use paper with the same size for the cover pages and for the main body of the document, and load them in the paper trays in the same orientation. Printable Area The printable area on all media sizes is up to 4.

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If develop ineo 363 authentication is enabled, you can also use the Scan to Home function that sends the scanned develop ineo 363 to your computer or use Scan to Me function that sends the scanned data to your E-mail deevlop.

Received faxes can be saved in user box as data and printed when they are needed.

Page Using a coin, remove a screw. Check the document name.


Printing develop ineo 363 continue even develop ineo 363 this message appears; In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance. Information included in User’s Guide is subject to change without notice. Page Reference When copying onto paper larger than the document, load the document with the same orientation as the paper.