If you want to make use of the return possibility, please follow the following instructions: Denna version fungerar med Mac OS Se avsnittet om nedladdning av drivrutiner. Restart the driver by going into your Control Panel, finding the Contour Pointing Devices icon and double clicking. Product and model Model No.

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Fingertips roll The narrow rollerbar both up and down and from side to side simultaneously to navigate the cursor over the entire screen, with very little friction or resistance. Customize your click force and cursor speed with buttons rollermkuse on the mouse.

A note for Shuttle contour rollermouse pro2 Shuttle devices require the use of the contour rollermouse pro2 drivers. Please take a moment to read the tips on how to get started and you will be on your way in just a few moments. Repetitive overreaching will often lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder and elbow areas. However, if you experience any problems we ask you to do the following:. Congratulations on your new Shuttle.

All Electronic and Electrical Equipment EEE placed onto the market from January 2, must be marked contour rollermouse pro2 the strike trough conrour basket symbol to indicate that it is covered by the WEEE Directive, the provisions of which require that producers or manufacturers of EEE become liable to pay for take-back treatment and recycling of end of life equipment WEEE:. Var registrerar jag min Shuttle? Ladda ned version 3.


Directions for other customisations, such as click rollsrmouse and volume only contour rollermouse pro2 in RollerMouse Red and Red plus can be found in your user manual. Onko RollerMouse yhteensopiva tietokoneeni kanssa?? At this point no refunds will be granted. Contour rollermouse pro2 RollerMouse mellan dig och ditt tangentbord.

Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm while reaching for a traditional mouse.

RM-PRO2 – various colour models. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact contour rollermouse pro2. Se on ergonominen vaihtoehto hiirelle. The RollerMouse Pro2 by Contour Design is a contour rollermouse pro2 pointing device which in lieu of a traditional mouse uses a rollerbar just below the space bar on the keyboard. Ultra-slim keyboards are becoming increasing popular, so Contour Design has included two keyboard lifters that allow one to change the height and angle of the keyboard.

Warranty and Return Policy.

RollerMouse Pro2

I cannot change the click force or volume while using the driver. Onnittelut Contour rollermouse pro2 hankinnan johdosta. Rubbing alcohol will contour rollermouse pro2 quickly and not harm the components of the RollerMouse. The RollerMouse Pro2 also comes with removable leatherette palm supports that relieve stress on the wrists while typing and pgo2 the rollerbar. You can call or email Contour Design, and we would be happy to send out some button covers to you provided your Shuttle is made in China and not Taiwan.

At Contour Design we strive after producing products of contour rollermouse pro2 and premium quality. Var kan jag ladda ner cintour med blanka etiketter till min Shuttle?

RollerMouse Red on kaikkien aikojen monipuolisin RollerMouse. The position of the sensor is shown here: Your size is determined by measuring from the tip of the contour rollermouse pro2 finger to the first crease of the wrist. RollerMouse Pro3 is an update to the original ergonomic mouse alternative designed for you, not your computer.

A sales representative will contact the end user within the last five 5 days of the trial to determine if the end user would like to keep and be charged for the product or return it.

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Support – Contour Design

Vilka datasystem fungerar Shuttle med? RM-PRO2 with mat attached. Keep in mind that these drivers contour rollermouse pro2 still in Beta testing phase. Contour rollermouse pro2 leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline of the unit. Jos Contour Designin tuote aiheuttaa ongelmia, toimi seuraavasti:. This built-in software gives users the most ergonomically beneficial set of button functions so you can just plug-and-play.

Ladda ned 1 MB. Aseta se mukavimpaan asentoon.

In the user manuals you can find tips on how to get started and how to adjust the keyboard to your RollerMouse. Is my wireless product from Contour secured by encryption?

Eliminates Overreaching for a Traditional Mouse, Relieving Neck, Contour rollermouse pro2 and Elbow Pain – Conventional keyboards will result in overreaching for the mouse as the user is forced to reach over the arrow keys and numeric keypad to get rollermouee the mouse.

However, if preferred, you can switch the mode contour rollermouse pro2 ‘Standard Mouse’ mode. A dial on bottom will adjust the tension of Rollerbar click force. Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questionsand try out relevant proposed solutions.

Contour rollermouse pro2 User Manual

The cursor has started moving erratically. Lika voi vaikuttaa tunnistamiseen, jolloin osoitin liikkuu virheellisesti. The RollerMouse Red is suitable for any workstation.