December 28, at Gx working perfectly, shut down correctly, only sign of life orange flashy light. My problem ended up being the 3V battery. They looked like they got hot, there was a tiny bulb on top of them. When I plugged it in it was immediately a new RAPID and short lived amber blink, followed by a second green light, then quiet. Inside of Warranty Contact Support , and they will troubleshoot the blinking amber LED symptom and replace the defective part s per your warranty coverage.

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If any are then you will be looking at a motherboard replacement or repair. I have a Dimension and just came back compaq sr5130nx after 3 days away to a blinking orange light.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

One compaq sr5130nx to add to the orange flashing light Syndrome. January 31, at Finally I had to replace a motherboard. I saw some of the pins bent inside the port.

February 19, at 7: The yellow on compaaq just stays yellow No blinking But you can here the computer working. After trying all of above, i plugged in another power supply and problem compaq sr5130nx immediately solved.

Compaq Presario

Gx working perfectly, shut down compaq sr5130nx, only sign of life orange flashy light. My test was compaw to plug it in so now I get to really install it and see how it goes. Tested it with good compaq sr5130nx supply and it compaq sr5130nx right up with no more blinky.

Previous Dell experience had me thinking it was a bad power supply. I did check the power supply unit and did find that 2 of the caps are gone!

I have a Compsq and this happened to me compaq sr5130nx the 2nd time tonight after a power outage. I thought it was the room temperature or something possibly.

Thanks for all help you probable saved me compaq sr5130nx hours of time with tech support. The Troubleshooting Guide indicated either the wrong memory fitted swapped with known good, no change or a mismatch between the CPU and the voltage regulator module not apparently fitted.

compaq sr5130nx

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Much like you guys, I too experienced the blinking amber light. I too had the blinking yellow light. December 27, at February 5, at 3: Just got back from a 4 day hiatus.

John Lamansky Catholic Technology Expert. September 12, at 5: Like Compaq sr5130nx bought a brand new power cord thats exactly the same as compaq sr5130nx original.

The power button would compaq sr5130nx for 30 seconds and lights a and c were on and orange. Then I came across the recommendation to check compaq sr5130nx USB ports for damage. In my case it was the small circuit sr5130ns in the front of the case that runs the power switch, front usb, and audio jacks. I first checked the breaker sr5130nnx my surge protector and cokpaq it was tripped. The technician can find this compaq sr5130nx your service tag number.

I went away for a year only to return to the orange flashing light. Or are all Dells just crappy?

However, the power light for the batter is constantly blinking orange. The little light compaq sr5130nx below the power switch on the front has suddenly gone on. I am not getting what happend to my laptop. Now orange blinking turns into green…. I bought a powered kensington usb hub and started to get the compaq sr5130nx orange light.

Thanks for all the tips. Just like compaq sr5130nx car battery, its life is limited. Then I initiated a restart by depressing the power button, and it came right up. Mobo light is on and power button light is still doing the orange flashy thing. Thanks for any help. There is also built in diagnostic that can be run from the BIOS. Removed or unplugged everything including the battery.

December 17, at 2: February compaq sr5130nx, at 7: It just will not turn on.