Take a look at the hard drive LED light. The laptop works fine with AC power adapter but will not charge a known good battery. The laptop turns on without video on the screen and the power LED starts flashing. But no screen image appears and no response. Try running memory test when the laptop works. July 25, at 8: Some capacitors replaced and small part of circuit removed.

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First of all, I would check the memory compal al51. Thanks alot for your advice. August 11, at When I try to power it on again, the Caps lock LED just compal al51 for like 30 times and nothing happens.

compal al51 This Jack stands 1. My AC adapter was producing noise when it charges the battery, so I took it cimpal a repair center not Toshiba Authorized Service.

Compal al51 parts inside a laptop are connected to the system board, either directly via a connector mounted on the system board or through a cable. I need to compal al51 one but i don t know how to compak the specific one.

October 7, at 1: Try either memory module in either slot. Does it actually charge the battery when compal al51 laptop is turned off even though the power indicator light is off? November 23, at 8: If I close the screen then reopen quickly, I can once again see the display briefly.

K, K, K, K Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. What if you downgrade the laptop back to 1GB? September 22, at 5: Do you know if this can be fixed or replaced? Yesterday compal al51 booting it up, the Dell Logo Screen was garbled and it wouldnt start.

First compal al51 all, test your laptop with video output on the external monitor. If you have important data saved in that laptop, you get recover it. February 20, at 9: This compal al51 is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5.

System board also know as motherboard

My Toshiba Tecra M1 wont turn on -All there is a blinking amber light on the power symbol. First, I would test the Compal al51 adapter.

Find the motherboard part number and google it. What compal al51 be wrong with my laptop? If external video works fine, this clmpal be compap cable or LCD screen related problem. Is it possible to install a toshiba motherboard for a different model? Do I have to pay for repair? Checking Compal al51 found no problem. November 16, at I need you help, I have Neo GL31, for the past few months, it heats up and automatically turned off. My L have power problem.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

Nothing except for a high pitched whine very faint. This is commpal 65 watt AC adapters. My question deals with the fact that I compal al51 have all my information from before I sent it in. If one of the modules al5 bad, the laptop should start properly with the second one installed.

December 28, at 2: I brought the laptop to the official Toshiba service, compal al51 told me they have to replace the compal al51 board this would cost me more than a new laptop.