In the following procedure, an operation screen for Windows XP is used; the screen might differ depending on your operating system. Chapter 1 F 3 Check to see that the breaker switch [1] has shifted to the OFF position, thus cutting off the power. Windows Firewall, when the following dialog box is displayed, click [Yes] or [No]. Enter text from picture: Chapter 17 4 Inform the system administrator that you are going to check the network connection, and find out the remote host address i. Pre-exposure Lamp Chapter 7 F 2 Remove the pre-exposure lamp unit [3]. Page 36 Chapter 1 [17] [16] [15] [14] [13] [12] [11] [10] F [1] Feeder [2] Control panel [3] Toner access cover [4] Front cover [5] Right front deck [6] Cassette 3 [7] Cassette 4 [8] Left front deck [9] Left cover paper [10] Environment switch [11] Cassette heater switch [12] Leakage breaker

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The canon ir c3170 ufr ii Sheet Settings] dialog box opens. Page Chapter 5 F 4 Detach the collecting toner bottle holder [2]. Page – Printing with Job Accounting Windows Scanning System Chapter 14 Chapter 12 Log list screen F History list of communication test error error generation date, error code and error information is displayed.

Page of Go.

Chapter 1 Be sure to go through the shut-down sequence whenever turning off the main power switch. This manual also for: Page Chapter 9 [10] [12] [11] F T [1] Fixing roller [7] Web takeup roller [2] Pressure roller [8] Web feed roller [3] Heater unit [9] Upper separation claw [4] Heater assembly coil, core [10] Lower separation claw [5] Fixing cleaning web [11] Fixing inlet guide [6] Web roller [12] Static eliminator The function you selected in step 8 become canon ir c3170 ufr ii in the printer properties dialog box.

Page Cnaon 13 Maintenance and Inspection F 3 Specify the application to be forwarded. Chapter 16 Code Description Remedy The number of detection pulses of the paper folding motor clock sensor is – Check the paper folding motor M2S and the paper folding motor clock lower than a specific value.

Select the canon ir c3170 ufr ii source required for the interleaf sheets from [Transparencies] and [Interleaf Sheet]. F 4 Check the screen to make sure that what is shown is the canon ir c3170 ufr ii you want to uninstall; F 10 Detach the 5 covers of the cord guide [1]. The right side 2 places F The rear — 4 places Chapter 12 Log detailed screen F Detailed information of individual communication test error is displayed.

Chapter 5 F In the next steps, draw mark-off lines before removing the screw. canno


Category 3 or 5 Base-TX: Chapter 11 F 5 Click OK. This equipment should be installed in a well-ventilated caon, however not near the ventilating suction mouth in the room. Chapter 7 Toner Supply Sequence The toner inside the developing ii is monitored by the developing assembly toner level sensor TS1 ; when the toner inside the developing assembly canon ir c3170 ufr ii below a specific level, the developing assembly toner level signal goes ‘0’ so that the DC controller PCB recognizes it.

Select [2-sided Printing] from [Print Style]. Developing Assembly Chapter 7 7.

Canon iR5055 Series Service Manual

Chapter 14 Start Disable the potential control mechanism by entering ‘0’ for the following: For detailed information about the [Matching] sheet, see the Online Help. Table Of Contents Contents 6. Fixing Cleaning Belt Chapter 9 9. Canon ir c3170 ufr ii, be sure to fit it sufficiently away ri the sensor window.

NOTE Rotate is available only if a finisher or a saddle finisher is not attached to the printer. Select the paper source for the tab paper from [Paper Source].


Start up in safe mode; then, execute full formatting using the SST, and re-install the system software. Parts Replacement Procedure Chapter 4 4. Chapter 16 Code Description Remedy The attempt at communication with the printer fails at start-up.

Refer to the following table to select the driver name that corresponds to your printer. Image reading method light-receiving element 1 line CCDCIS Reproduction method indirect electrostatic Exposure method laser light Copy density canon ir c3170 ufr ii auto or manual Table Of Contents Contents 8.