Talked to the manager, who explained in a very friendly manner why the only option was to bring the computer into the store, and techs would do a free installation after card purchase. Feb 3, – 9: But the other two cables are no where to be found. Content may not be reproduced without expicit permission of the author s. Mar 27, – The system profiler lists the card as 0x14E4, 0x88 and the network utility has it as You do need small hands for this.

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I would expect, if both WiFi and BT are on the card, antenna connected or not, that broadcom bcm94321mc Mac would automatically identify both. Connects to the upper airport module Pin 3.

The pictures broadcom bcm94321mc very helpful. Glad it worked well for you too …! Tried it with the pliers. With the three-terabyte drives now available, your Mac Pro is now capable of storing 12 terabytes internally.

Just switched my airport card broadcom bcm94321mc a MacPro to MacPro.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

For sure the hardest part is attaching the antenna connectors. Thank you very much for posting this and for everyones suggestions. I have a question regarding a new subject. Jun 19, – 4: For anyone else broadcom bcm94321mc there who encounters the same problem I suggest broadcom bcm94321mc the same. I found 4 antenna cables: Sometimes the markings comes off, but you can detect the wires from where they are coming from the wifi wires come in a broadcom bcm94321mc while the Bluetooth cable is a standalone cable.

Google Plus – Share this page In 10 minutes everything was settled.

01 – How to Install WiFi in your Mac Pro (for models to )

Remove front fan housing. The model of broadcom bcm94321mc card bcm94321mf. Jun 16, – 2: I have a Mac Pro early 2. Just finished installing the card in my new Mac Pro.

Nowhere to be seen — I even removed the CD drive chassis broadcom bcm94321mc see if they were tucked behind there — nope. I found the Bluethooth wire, but the WiFi antenna wires are nowhere to be found.

【Hackintosh】OSx86 WinPCにMountain Lion をインストール – Will feel Tips

I have a rolson kit, brilliant for all broadcom bcm94321mc needs. If I take bluetooth cable out broadcom bcm94321mc put the 3rd cable, wont it disable BT?

Thank you for posting all those images, they have been very reassuring. On my MacPro the antennas are located further down in the machine, near what I suppose brroadcom the power supply, etc. You got me up and running in no time flat.

Broadcom bcm94321mc … you would not need it to connect to your AppleTV. That way you can squeeze the connectors shut between thumb and forefinger as others here have described.

If you wish to add bluetooth then you have to purchase a separate module, and this one needs even more screws 4. Mar 26, – broadcom bcm94321mc Your instructions are incredibly clear and helpful.

Your Mac Pro is broadcom bcm94321mc same generation as mine, with 2-core Xeon processors. The Airport Card I bought did not come with screws. This will be disconnected and use Pin 1.

Thanks for the feedback on your results! Am i in the right direction?

However, on this MacPro with this card, it does not seem to make a difference whether or broadcom bcm94321mc IPv6 is enabled. Please read all the previous comments. Jul 18, – 3: Working on an early Broadcom bcm94321mc, the AE connector is bcm94321,c located on the lower part of the motherboard not behind drive bays 1 and 2behind the memory modules assembly which had to be pulled out.