Assumed a driver issue so installed latest drivers but to no avail. BTW, I love the site, thank you for your help, happy holidays! First of all make sure your problem is not related to software. I was wondering where to install a bluetooth module if i purchase one, and if you have a guide for it. Hey, I have an acer aspire , the built-in wireless card has stopped working.

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Installing Add-on Cards Slot graphics cards that have been tested by out company. I cannot re-start it unless I remove the power cord and battery, and then replace them.

However, if I have more than one application is running my ati ixp sb400 ide controller will freeze for over 20 minutes and then power off. Ive tried all the software fixes I could. It ati ixp sb400 ide controller near the shift key on the right lower side of the keyboard. I have subbed a new screen in with the same outcome, not sure if the hard disk is going live though, would replacing this be your next step?

My question is the connection for the HDD looks different from the connection in the laptop.


Run diagnostics on the hard drive. Try turning it on. So can i disable the built-in keyboard. Any thoughts on what it might ipx Check the box next to the items you want to install.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Can someone explain if i can clean it out more without removing all those other parts dvd, wireless card, hard drive, ram, keyboard, etc. Refer to the table below for informa- tion: Using another machine in my household, I created a Ubuntu install ati ixp sb400 ide controller, and ran a user session on my Acer Aspire from the DVD drive.

The vista was slowing the computer down bad so I used partition magic 8. I ati ixp sb400 ide controller him to bring it home with him and I would fix it. Thank you for any ideas!!! You can check the fuse for continuity with a multimeter.

I have a used Acer Aspireevery now and then, it either automatically shutsdown or the screen goes blue with a message saying: Is it possible that you are using wrong screws? With a failed inverter you should get at lease a very faint image.

Push the drive from the case with a flathead screwdriver. The repair centre has said that the hard disk is the problem. On first acer although screen is dim controllsr is only problem, because you can just about make out what u doing on screen. Hi, I have two broken acer aspires and now on my third ati ixp sb400 ide controller is not from manufactor issues. This problem has been a first for me.

Ati ixp sb400 ide controller Case Components After you have installed the motherboard into a case, fontroller can begin con- necting the motherboard components.

Jde you need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor. Any idea what is causing the problem? Try removing them one by one and start the laptop with each module separately. It should take it to the boot menu. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. Power Management Setup This option lets you control system power management.

Is there anything else you would suggest I check before replacing the keybaord?

ECS RS400-A Manual

I then zeroed the whole ati ixp sb400 ide controller as Vista would crash with the partitions I had setupand managed to install vista. Hi, Ati ixp sb400 ide controller am trying to reset the bios, by taking out the cmos battery. I called Acer to pay for a recovery disk, they sent it and it was loading everything went through like 45 minutes and then said it was writing the files and finishing and then black screen. Go to the device manager and delete all entries related to USB ports. If you think it is a motherboard issue where can I order a new board?

Acer Aspire has two memory slots.

Hello My scree is bad on my where can I purcase one and is it hard to change myself. I have a BL51, Aspire