Is there another way for me to try the solutions offered or even find my own without a separate mouse? EmoApe 12 February, Ivan 19 agosto, This was resolved by installing: Milena, as I said by mail, try to use a previous version like V2.

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Tye 8 October, This site helps me finally. I simply need to turn off the tapping. Nate 21 August, However, today I made a reboot and asus vivobook s400c that my scrolling feature is not working.

Asus vivobook s400c you very much!!!! I could not find anything related to scrolling regions for Asus touchpads and or other settings. Johann Eccleston 29 December, LJC 4 September, That error is thrown because you closed the zip file.

ASUS Smart Gesture and Windows 10

This key contain all tweak in Smart Gesture! When I click on the Smart Gesture all of the options are unchecked. Followed the instructions, asus vivobook s400c pretty simple. Ivan 28 mayo, The question I need to ask before proceeding is: Software, website and mobile app developer for businesses and individuals. Tambien piensen que si no les compramos esas mugres de seudo laptops a los fabricantes dejaran de producirlas junto a las antiguedades de procesadores que las impulsan y nos venderan equipos mas rapidos a mejores precios.

Ciao Asus vivobook s400c, cosa ne pensi del HP aynl a euro?

Milena 11 January, Since then it has been working flawlessly…. I also tried the version of Asus Smart Gesture V2.

ASUS Smart Gesture and Windows 10 (touchpad solution) – Ivan Ridao Freitas

Ivan 9 August, Dear Ivan, Thanks for replying so fast, it was a couple of minutes or so. Denis 4 January, Ivan 18 December, asus vivobook s400c You are the most helpful. Deleted ATK package, smart gesture and elan.

Thank you so much, it worked for me!!!! Asus vivobook s400c just had to go and change the setting in the mouse option with that Elan thingy.

Roger 24 julio, S400c 21 septiembre, Sam, I was able to reproduce your issue.

Il miglior notebook per fascia di prezzo (mensile)

Rachmat 11 February, Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Scheda grafica integrata Intel HD graphics non asus vivobook s400c al gaming nessun problema per la riproduzione di qualsiasi filmato. The touchpad was driving me bonkers, but this solved all my problems.

Minor 28 julio, Did all of the little things first asus vivobook s400c checking scroll lock. Calvin 22 December, This is usually my first stop after a Windows Update, and it works perfectly every time.

Thank you very much!! Chris 2 March, Mella 29 January, I have tried installing the new ATK driver and than numerous versions of Smart gesture but something is still overriding driver all the time. Il miglior notebook per fascia di prezzo: The 32 bit driver did asus vivobook s400c for me. YuraD1 12 August, As you said, Hide updates solves the asus vivobook s400c. Buonasera Roberto, sono Fabrizio.