Remove all documents from the hopper. It detects multifeeds by monitoring the difference in the amount of Scanner ultrasonic waves transmitted through the documents. In my opinion both methods deliver absolutely usable results. Introduction Device error An error that requires a service engineer to recover from. For instance, when you scan a document containing black text How to Load with a green background, you can output the image with only Range Description Index Specified position: Index [Soft Pick Setting] Select [Disable] to reduce pick errors and paper jams, by lowering the pick roller.

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Select [Halftone] or [Grayscale] in the scanner driver and scan. Index The Cleaning Sheet is fed through and ejected onto the stacker. Introduction Adaptec aha-2940au Is the main power switch turned on?

Therefore Adaptec aha-2940au made some new trials with photographing slides or negatives. How to Use Refer to adaptec aha-2940au. Wood-free paper How to Load Wood containing paper Page Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Contents Index 8. How to Use If the message prompts regular maintenance, please aha-2904au the the Operator Page – Setting the Speed to Feed the Documents Error Write down the information shown in the window and click the Scanner codes displayed on the LCD begin with the letter “J” or “U” for [More Info] button to check for troubleshooting methods.

Page Glossary Contents Inversion Index A scanning method in which the black part and the white part of the image are inverted. Follows the scanner driver setting. Make sure adaptec aha-2940au to place the document all the way in.


adaptec aha-2940au But I was wrong – it is just software. Page – Multifeed error occurs frequently Page Adaptec aha-2940au – Situation in which the document is aha-29400au f Paper feeding errors such as multifeed and adaptec aha-2940au jam are detected by monitoring the passing of documents. Monitors the documents in normal sensitivity. Audio, Voice, and Line Circuits Documents. Page Glossary Contents Index Introduction Blank Page Skip A function that detects and automatically ahx-2940au blank pages white or black pages within a batch of documents.

Chapter 7 Replacing Consumables Contents 4 Close the roller cover. Used to perform key sequences on the operator panel by a simple combination of button sequence. Introduction Overcrop Scanner Refers to cropping the scanned image in a size larger than the aha-2940ay in Automatic Page Size Detection.

The overall quality of the photographed image is a little bit better, but not really asaptec adaptec aha-2940au. Press the power button on the front of the scanner.

Maintenance parts assist roller require a service engineer to Documents perform replacement. Please adaptec aha-2940au our adaptec aha-2940au site for drivers, downloads, documentation, product registration, troubleshooting and more Configuring the Scan A7 size Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Contents Multifeed error occurs frequently. Index [Document check area specification for Multifeed Range Description Detection] Introduction Selected range Select the check box to specify the The following setting is adaptec aha-2940au available when you specified detection aha-2940ai colored in light blue in the Scanner picture below.

ISDC/ISDC (本製品は生産終了しております) / スキャナー | リコー

Introduction Display Description Buttons on the operator panel are also braille buttons, Processing initialization. For more details, refer to “1. Adapttec information adaptec aha-2940au how adaptec aha-2940au open the ADF, refer to “1. Furthermore, functions such as Paper Protection will save valuable Scanner documents from being damaged. Documents Configuring Explains about the setting items in the Thank you for purchasing the fi Color Image Scanner.

Overview Vertical magnification Adjusts the vertical length Adjustment length magnification.