I have already dismembered the laptop to its board. If the motherboard fails, I replace the whole unit. So, next I dissected the laptop to get to the motherboard and see if there was power to the dc harness. Maybe the adapter is bad. Again, play with memory first.

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After that solder a new fuse. Usually the fuse is located somewhere close to the DC jack or DC jack harness. What could be the problem and how can i fix this? Accer after 5 to 10 minutes the charging led on acer aspire 4720z crystal eye started blinking.

Acer Aspire ES1 – Отзывы и решение проблем – 5 cтраница – 5 страница

How do I solve this acer aspire 4720z crystal eye, sir? Then I took out the battery and placed it back. What can i do to solve this problem? I ran checks Norton, Dell and a diagnostics check all said there were no problems. I noticed that the LED indicator on the original power supply had stopped working. This is a weird problem.

I have a Presario us. I appreciate your help.


Also, wondering if you know…does the motherboard on the dvcl have a fuse on it? Acer aspire 4720z crystal eye have tried listening all over the board by ear but the ticking sound seems to be the same eyf neither louder or softer. If its a motherboard failure, do you think its repairable? Then after 10 mins it started to charge normally but again after 10 mins or so the charging led started to blink.

For some reason, when I connect the Acre cable to the actual motherboard there acer aspire 4720z crystal eye a drop in the supply voltage. Works fine with charger plugged in off course. Is it due to motherboard fuse? Could be failed memory module.

Is it that my motherboard is dead? I have an OKI laptop This is my problem……. HI i have a acer which is not powering. Thanks for the information in the post… I have an HP Pavilion dv series laptop.

I have tried removing the battery and running only on AC power, but it shows the same symptons. Can you advise on what to test next? Can you help me to fix it?

Acer Aspire ES1 – Отзывы и решение проблем – 5 страница

I have tried acer aspire 4720z crystal eye things such as reseating a lot of things and i dont know what is wrong with my computer. I accer it to the kitchen and it booted right up and worked fine until the power went out due to a storm. Smelt like korean bbq. Can you boot in Safe Mode? Finally he said that it is mother board problem. Cannot help with the fuse margins.

If the motherboard fails, I replace the whole unit. I already changed the AC charger and acer aspire 4720z crystal eye power jack! If battery is charged i get 7 led signals when trying to switch on and power led blink and go of again. The laptop died suddenly while I was using it, with no weird noises or indications of overheating.

If you still experiencing the same problem with another adapter, most likely this is the motherboard failure. What you think might be problem?

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

If in fact the jack is bad… is there a way to test the motherboard anyway acer aspire 4720z crystal eye vise versa? This is just a guess and I could be wrong. Pls my laptop hp dv cable of the screen from the power button sparked and smoke came out, since then the screen is not showing, it will just show blank white. I 4702z hoping for any ideas… Thanks Chris. Also, try starting the laptop just from AC adapter with the battery removed.

I have an Acer Aspire that has some major issues. I have more than one adapter one that came with laptop and a universal The DC jack inside the laptop has been swapped and tested, also working. How can I show? I cannot tell without looking at the laptop. If you can make this system work only after twisting the motherboard, most likely this is motherboard related problem. Nothing shows in fye screen. When the power button is depresses the light comes on and you can hear the hard drive spin for a second then the laptop shuts down.

The only acer aspire 4720z crystal eye that show up are the acer aspire 4720z crystal eye ones when it is plugged up to a charger. I stripped everything down to just the motherboard, power wcer, fan, and power button board. Nothing is un plugged or broken so please help!!!

When the power plug is on I can see all the crysstal.